The History of the SalientGames site

The History of the SalientGames site

Join me in a trip down memory lane and let’s review the history of the SalientGames website, its origins and a gimps at the future of what this site one day become (at least what I hope it might become).

Before there ever was a SalientGames website I had a website called EmpireVault, it was focused on gathering any and hopefully all Empire Deluxe resources that were out there on the web. Ambitious from the outset, but it failed in one key aspect, it was too focused on one game and there seemed no way the Empire Deluxe [ED] brand was ever going to kick off again. Oh and the fact that only a few sites were (still) online (seeing that Empire Deluxe was born long before the internet existed) made it a short lived attempt. But none the less it was the humble start of this website.

When contacting owners of other websites I came into contact with Charles. After some corresponds back and forth he generally offered to host the website. This spurred me to learn asp (classic as it known today) with FrontPage extensions. Thinking back pure horror. After realizing that maintaining the Empire Vault would become impossible I went out searched for a viable programming alternative. I ended up choosing the PHP programming language, in hindsight the wrong choice for me.

At this time I also realized that the narrow focus on exclusive ED content would limit the target audience too much. To counter this I set a think-tank (i.e. my wife) to work and come up with a new name. A name that would be associated with (turn based) strategy games. She came up with SalientGames, a mix of gaming and a military term not used in any other gaming site that I could find at the time.

After this I went out and researched hosting options, getting a VPS was the first step in creating a real dynamic site. Working on it for a lot of (late) hours I was ready to launch it to the general public. With little to no community to work with I can safely say this attempt once again failed all be it a little less than my previous attempt. Thanks to the fact that Mark had released Empire Deluxe Internet Edition [EDIE] there was renewed interest in the ED-family games. The later release of Empire Deluxe Enhanced Edition [EDEE] that followed made the game an interesting to cover again.

As I mentioned I picked PHP to program the site and now found that after switching jobs and becoming more proficient at programming in the .net environment I had picked the wrong language for me. Keeping up to date in two languages is a time luxury that I currently cannot afford and hence I’m once again rewriting the website in an attempt to lower the time I need to spend in keeping things running.

This brings me to the present. What should the SalientGames website become? I decided that no matter what it would be rewritten in .net, the old content should be returned ASAP and get a community of turn based strategy games fans back together. This just leaves me with the question, how? Take a look at our next post to read more on the Future of the SalientGames site.

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